Lena Dartkast Including Uprights and writing board


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Lena Dartkast

A beautifully finished Lena dartboard Closet. This dartboard can be placed and/or taken anywhere. Feel like playing darts, open the lid and everything has the right dimensions to play a game of darts. closet

Dimensions: 2 x 61 x 115 x 15 CM (B x H x D)
Total Dimensions: 61 x 230 x 15 CM (B x H x D)
Including: Bevestigingsmateriaal + Ophangsysteem
Material: Interieur Hardhout + mdf

The beautifully finished Lena Dart Cabinet including Uprights. The uprights give the darts cabinet stability, so that the cabinet does not have to be mounted on the wall and can be placed anywhere.

And  writing board

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Weight 4,02 kg

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